2-4 pictures that represent who you are, people/pets you love, hobbies, fun places you've been, etc. Please log into the Student Information System (SIS) and update your emergency contact information. Certification must show expiration date of June 2021 or later. Coursework, competencies, and additional academic requirements are outlined in in degree-specific Program Guides (2019 and after), and PhD Student Handbooks (2018 and earlier). Letters of reference will be included with your CASPA application. The following description reflects the Master of Physician Assistant Studies academic curriculum in the entry level program for those interested in becoming a physician assistant. Minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.8. We will compile a slide show for orientation day that features each member of the Class of 2022. Total Program Cost (9 qtrs) Tuition/Program fees: All PA Students (resident & nonresident) $10,206: $91,854: University fees: All OHSU Students: $599: $5,391: Books/Supplies--$3,355: Internet access: Estimated at $40/month for 26 months: $120: $1040: Major Medical* Required if student does not request a waiver of equivalent coverage: $1,575* $14,175: Dental Insurance* We will follow up periodically with everyone individually regarding completion of these items as deadlines approach, but please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions in the meantime. Oregon Health & Science University is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for all Oregonians through excellence, innovation and leadership in health care, education and research. Please send the photo full sized and we will resize it to the size required by the badging software. Clinical experiences in Obstetrics/Maternity Care are integrated into the clinical year curriculum in primary care rotations and during callbacks. Selection for the Physician Assistant program is very competitive. The clinical year rotations begin late July/early August after the July transition month, so you'll need to plan accordingly. There are many different ways to obtain health care experience, so applicants are advised to pursue a qualifying health care role that is of interest to them. ohsu pa program. Oklahoma State University anticipates matriculating its first class in July 2021, pending achieving Accreditation – Provisional status at the March 2021 ARC-PA meeting. OHSU responds to a coronavirus surge while caring for all our patients. The Physician Assistant program at Penn State College of Medicine is a 24-month, 101-credit full-time graduate program that enrolls 30 students each May. Required Clinical Rotations (5 credits each): We will spend time together the first few days of class reviewing book selections so that everyone will have a clear understanding of most appropriate resources at the lowest possible cost. OHSU policy states all students accepted to education programs with a clinical component must successfully pass an initial drug screening. Oklahoma State University has applied for Accreditation – Provisional from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). Additional Requirements: 1. You might find someone looking for a roommate, or a clinical year student looking to rent out their place! For example, if an applicant is applying for entry in May 2021, their prerequisites need to be completed by December 31, 2020. A minimum of 3 letters are required to apply to OHSU. OHSU does not have central student housing, so incoming students are responsible for finding their own housing (housing is provided during your clinical year for rotation sites outside of commutable distance). The group of 10 candidates are then divided into two groups to proceed through the different interview activities. Program Guides. Training Modules OHSU and the PA program require all entering students to be current with required immunizations prior to matriculation. While you will have housing provided while on rotation outside the Portland area, you are still responsible for providing your own clinical year housing in Portland for local rotations and call-backs. PhD Community Health 2020-2021 Please refer to the prerequisite coursework page for detailed information about what courses are required. A minimum of 2,000 hours of health care experience is expected of all applicants. Registration includes electronic copies of […] In addition, book selections for the upcoming didactic year have not yet been completed; there is no guarantee that a book used in a previous class will be used again. Photos received after June 19 will not be able to be incorporated into the badge request. OHSU will automatically enroll you on the PacificSource plan once you are registered for classes, with the fees being assessed through … All students must have current BLS certification (American Heart Association approved). The policy was established to promote the health, safety, and productivity of students and patients in their care. Visit us for program details, requirements and locations. Will there be any changes due to COVID-19? Physician assistant programs in Colorado is offering a high quality education to students and they make sure that they provide what their students need. Learn more about the Physician Assistant curriculum. Submit directly to Student Health and Wellness Center. We advise that you complete them prior to matriculation, as once the program starts, your time will be dedicated to program curriculum. Connect with your classmates via Facebook! The minimum GPA required for most schools is 3.0 (both overall and science), with some being slightly higher or lower. Learn more. ohsu pa program. Read about us PA Student Blog If you have any concerns about being able to complete the Information Security, RAU, and Integrity modules during May 25-June 19, please let us know. You are required to complete five OHSU Education & Training Modules prior to matriculation. Program Goals. See how many credits you’ll need, GPA requirements, and how to apply on OHSU’s Admissions site . In the 23-year history of the program, our graduates have achieved 99.2% first-time pass rate. Note: Keep in mind when signing housing leases that you will need housing from the start of the academic year at least through the "transition to clinical year" (June 2020-July 2021). The OHSU PA Program utilizes a combination of multiple mini interviews (MMIs) and a group interview for our interview process. Applicants must have obtained a bachelor's degree to qualify for admission into the program. No particular major is preferred, but a broad educational background is encouraged. The Physician Assistant Program at Idaho State University is the only PA Program … These modules are only available in Compass starting May 26 and must be complete by June 19 in order to be eligible obtain an OHSU ID badge. The 26-month program is a diverse group, with 23.8 percent from rural areas, 21 percent are first-generation college students and 35 percent identify as belonging to an underrepresented minority group. 2-4 "fun facts" that you want your classmates and the program to know about you. OHSU responds to a coronavirus surge while caring for all our patients. White Coat fitting - The program will schedule a time for a white coat sizing. The photo taken on your interview day will become your default official OHSU student badge photo, however, you're welcome to provide us with an alternative photo. May 19, 2020 Town HallVideo (see email for password)Q&A Summary, May 28, 2020 Onboarding Q&AVideo (see email for password), June 10, 2020 Student Panel with PA21Video (see email for password)Q&A Summary Chat Transcript. This is a Master's degree program. In addition, successfully passing a drug test is a requirement of attendance and is an acceptance contingency as stated in your initial acceptance offer letter. The degree must be from a regionally accredited university and may be a science or non-science major. The OHSU Physician Assistant Program, located in Portland, Oregon, is a 26-month full-time master's level program, ranked among the top 10 programs in the nation. In addition to obtaining a bachelor's degree, all applicants must also complete specific prerequisite courses. Please refer to the BLS Requirement Overview for more information. You will also receive emails from us with this information and some further details for a few of the action items; this page acts as a resource to bring all of that information into one spot. The course will be held at the OHSU Collaborative Life Sciences Building (CLSB), located on Portland’s south waterfront. Oregon Health & Science University is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for all Oregonians through excellence, innovation and leadership in health care, education and research. Our first class graduated in May 2016. This presentation will play on loop as everyone arrives on the first day of orientation. Average cumulative GPA for students admitted in the previous admissions cycle was 3.5. Application to PA school is highly competitive. Over the past three years, our graduates have achieved a 100% first time pass rate. If you want to know the schools that are offering physician assistant program, check this out! Since many of the required books for the academic and clinical year curricula are electronically available free to students via the online OHSU Biomedical Information and Communication Center library (BICC), we strongly recommend that you do not buy any additional books until you have become oriented to the resources available through OHSU. The OHSU Physician Assistant Program, Class of 2019. The academic phase emphasizes: a strong foundation in basic science education comprehensive exposure to primary care and specialty areas of medicine The OHSU PA program began accepting students in 1995. You may submit up to 5 letters within the evaluations section of the CASPA application. Please wait to purchase textbooks/eBooks. These can be anything you'd like, but we'd prefer them to be information outside of where you went to school or what your health care experience is. Physician Assistants improve the accessibility of health care of underserved individuals in both urban and rural settings. Read about us PA Student Blog © 2001-2020 Oregon Health & Science University. Note: The form itself must be submitted by June 19 even if you are not yet compliant. If you have any questions about your buddy match, please email Julie. Please complete the pre-matriculation survey by May 26. While your inpatient rotation is physically on the floor at OHSU (and is apparently pretty intense! Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree: Students must need to earn a bachelor’s degree that is recognized by the institution. 04/16/2019 Ted Ruback receives 2019 Eugene A. Stead Lifetime Achievement Award; 03/12/2019 U.S. News: OHSU ranked among top graduate schools; 03/12/2019 PA Program faculty publish research in JPAE; 02/01/2019 Gopal Allada, MD, named PA program interim director; 02/01/2019 Congratulate your clinician colleagues in Top Doctors, NPs and PAs list; 12/19/2018 P.A. OHSU requires all PA students to carry Major Medical and Dental insurance for every day you are enrolled at the institution. First year buddies and the Class of 2022 Facebook page are also great resources for finding housing. Drop down each section below for detailed information about each requirement. Academic Year Calendar (2020-21)  Updated May 2020. Please email the following information to Julie no later than June 10. This will occur in September/October. Ohsu Physicians Assistant | Physician's Assistants 101Ohsu Physicians Assistant – Launch your new medical career as a Physician's Assistant. We have paired you with a current first year student so you have a resource as you transition into the program. Minimum BCP (science) GPA of 3.0 is preferred. 2020-2021. Students are required to complete a bachelor's degree prior to matriculation. Courses must be completed by Dec 31 for matriculation the following June. OHSU will automatically enroll you on the PacificSource plan once you are registered for classes, with the fees being assessed through your student account (coverage begins on 6/15/20). 'For cause' testing will occur as deemed necessary and may include urine testing for unlawful drugs, and breath or blood testing for alcohol. Students are encouraged to meet with a RCC Science faculty advisor to develop an effective transfer plan early in their academic career. We prefer that your major be in the health sciences, but this is not a mandatory requirement for application or admission. OHSU requires all PA students to carry Major Medical and Dental insurance for every day you are enrolled at the institution. The university's policy regarding immunizations may be found on the Joseph B. Trainer Health and Wellness Center website at www.ohsu.edu/xd/education/student-services/joseph-trainer-health-wellness-center/student-requirements/newstudents.cfm A minimum of 1,760 clock hours of supervised clinical practice is required for graduation. To be considered for admission to the OHSU PA Program, applicants must have: Please review the following sections of our website to learn more information about each required category. Students will be held to the curricula in place for the year they matriculate (i.e., their “catalog year”). Per OHSU policy, the PA program is not involved with student health matters, so contact SHW with any questions. Keep in mind that the pictures and fun facts must all fit on a single slide, so try to keep them informative, but brief. Ten candidates are invited to interview during each interview block. Prerequisite Coursework | Physician Assistant Studies All prerequisite courses must be completed by December 31 of the year prior to entering the Program. Badge photos must comply with standard passport photo requirements, including: If you would like to use an alternative photo, please email the photo to Julie by June 19. The white coat photos will then replace your interview or passport photo on the official class roster. If your degree is from an international institution, please refer to the international applicants page for information about necessary steps to qualify for the program. Email us with questions about any of these requirements or anything else! While your immune history form needs to be submitted prior to June 19, SHW has extended the compliance deadline to September 1. OHSU is an equal opportunity affirmative action institution. Note: the waiver will be available 5/26/2020 through 7/8/2020. This web page outlines everything that is required of an incoming OHSU PA student. Students graduating from the PA Program will be awarded a Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree. They have a School of Medicine, a School of Nursing, a School of Dentistry, and a College of Pharmacy program along with a few other programs. It must be regionally accredited by the United States or equivalent to foreign institution. Maintain an accredited program that meets or exceeds the ARC-PA Standards for Accreditation of a Physician Assistant program ensuring that graduates have the requisite knowledge and skills for the practice of medicine as physician assistants. Immediately after receiving your OHSU login information, please login to Compass and complete the following modules: *If time is an issue, these two modules can be complete after June 19--they are required modules, but not required for badging purposes. Then, in 2002, in the program’s first year of eligibility, it was listed among the top 10 PA programs in the country by U.S. News & World Report. Ruback served as the OHSU program director for 22 years. The University and program need to have emergency contact information on record for each student. Search "OHSU PA Program - Class of 2022" for the private group administered by representatives from the Class of 2021. Please refer to the letters of reference page for additional information. 1. To be considered for admission to the OHSU PA Program, applicants must have: A bachelor's degree Specific prerequisite courses Health care experience Letters of Reference The OHSU PA Program is proud of the record of success our graduates have achieved as first-time test takes of the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE). Admissions Selection Factors and Preferences. More information about how health care experience is evaluated as well as some ideas for how to obtain experience can be found in the health care experience section. But it is important to know where you stand and what you need to do to gain an interview to a PA program. You're welcome to send this information at any time--if you have fun adventures coming up that you'd like to include pictures from, it's fine to wait, as long as the information is sent by June 10 so that there's time to compile the presentation. Please follow the instructions on taking the test and submitting your certificate of completion; the test is available through the Indiana University website. Accreditation Status:Continuing Campus: School of Medicine Degrees Offered: Masters Distance & Online Learning: None Bachelor Degree: Required Class Duration: 26 months Class Capacity: 42 students On-Campus Housing: Not available Decision Criteria: Well-rounded preparation for entering a master’s level program to include academics (overall GPA, BCP GPA, GRE scores, most recent 60 hrs GPA) and health care experience (preference for experience working with more acutely sick or injured patients in a hospi… This survey helps provide the program with the information necessary for planning catering for orientation events, assigning your technology orientation group, and ordering your OHSU student ID and engraved PA student name badges. The drug testing program consists of pre-clinical experience testing of students and 'for cause' testing for any student suspected of being under the influence of unlawful drugs or alcohol during their course of study. Additional OHSU PA Program Admissions Requirements: BS or BA (must be earned prior to matriculation). Visit the SHW New Student website for additional details about what immunizations are required and what the timeline is.