View our Privacy Policy here. Rubber mulch seems like the more expensive option between the two. An oft-ignored benefit of rubber mulch is that it does not freeze in extreme cold temperatures, whereas wood does. A bargain for gardeners Arborist wood chips are available locally in many communities. Mulch calculator online - estimate how much mulch you need for your gardening / landscaping project. problems contact ft. Mocha Brown Rubber Mulch Add beauty and safety to landscape groundcover Add beauty and safety to landscape groundcover applications with Vigoro Rubber Mulch. They also reduce fungus and plant growth in your playgrounds, creating a weed barrier. Like other types of mulch, it is used to prevent weed growth and improve the look of your garden or landscaping. Of the three types of wood mulch, large bark nuggets will last the longest. On top of this, wood mulch can breed "artillery" fungus that can stain nearby cars and homes with fungal spores that, once dried, remain forever. He's an experienced home improvement researcher and project creator with a wide range of interests, and especially enjoys learning about organic gardening. Mulch and Termites: Can Mulch Endanger Y... Mulch and Termites: Can Mulch Endanger Your Home? Rubber if caught on fire is far harder to douse then wood mulch chips. Rubber mulch is available in a variety of colors, and can be used in playgrounds and around the house. All information is provided "AS IS."  It reduces mold and weed growth by dehydrating most weed seeds and spores before they can reach through to the soil. Doesn’t last as long – Wood mulches will not last as long as rubber mulch and will have to replenish Splinters – You can get splinters stuck in your hand, but this is just mostly true for the traditional shredded mulch In contrast, wood mulch can allow for the infestation of both termites and fungal growth, since these pests are attracted to moist rotting wood. The rubber mulches burned faster and hotter, creating a more severe fire that was harder to put out than the one in the wood mulch. Of course, all of the positive things about rubber mulch are published by the folks that are trying to sell me on their product. They are all made of scrapped car tires. Rubber mulch professes to: have no odor, looks like shredded wood That this mulch is both cheap and scientifically proven to be To convert the tires into mulch, manufacturers wash the tires and grind them into tiny pellets, using magnets to remove the tiny bits of metal that could present a potential hazard. Yes, research showed that if a kid fell onto rubber mulch from six feet up on a jungle gym, he was less likely to be injured than if he fell on rocks, concrete, broken glass, or sharp steel spikes. Rubber tire mulch reduces mold and weed growth by dehydrating most weed seeds and spores before they can reach through to the soil. Furthermore, natural mulch continues to fertilize your garden soil, even while it’s breaking down. Over time, however, the cost grows because it needs to be replaced each year as the wood decomposes and gets spread around. Rubber is heavier than wood mulch and thus has more staying power than the lightweight wood chips. Rubber mulch is made up of shredded tires that have gone out of commission. Essentially a permanent mulch, these recycled tire fragments have the added benefit of not floating. Rubber mulch keeps weeds and pests at bay, while allowing water and fertilizer to permeate into the soil. Instead of purchasing expensive mulch from nurseries or stores, you can use items from your home and garden such as pebbles, compost, wood chips, bark, grass clipping, or decaying leaves. To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. It allows a higher degree of heat to be maintained in the soil, and it better maintains moisture levels. It also feeds topsoil important and beneficial nutrients. If you live in an area with high winds, or during heavy rains, wood will blow away more easily than rubber. It's easy to use and maintain and perfect for playgrounds and play areas. Rubber mulch stays put, even in the harshest weather conditions. COPYRIGHT © 2020 Rubber Mulch Compare Wood Mulch vs Rock Mulch Costs Wood Mulch Overview. Because of fall-height requirements, rubber mulch requires 6 inches of material to protect a child from a 10-foot fall. In this video guys, I show you how I removed old rubberized mulch from a flower bed and re-used it as a base for the new finer shredded rubber mulch. Additionally, wood mulch can breed "artillery" fungus that can stain nearby cars and homes with fungal spores that, once dried, remain forever. Pros and cons of wood and rubber mulch. Rubber Mulch Benefits Often recycled from old tires, rubber mulch provides a long lasting soil cover. Read on to learn the pros and cons of mulching with an organic mulch or an inorganic mulch like rocks. It can eliminate the need for annual mulching, since rubber doesn't break down as wood does; it's heavy enough to stay put; and you can use less of it: you need about 1.5 inches of rubber mulch compared to about 3 inches of wood mulch. When choosing rubber vs wood mulch for landscaping, consider that rubber provides excellent drainage for the soil and supplies great insulation against harsh weather. Rubber mulch comes in a variety of colors and some can look similar to wood mulch. Advantages of Rubber Mulch As far as the benefits of choosing rubber mulch over wood mulch, here are a few of the strongest selling points: Greater shock absorption than wood mulch, gravel or sand; Doesn’t attract termites or ants; Reduces mold and weed growth; Durable enough to last through the lifetime of your home or other site; Repurposes used tires, minimizing waste; Works well in playgrounds, horse … Termites not only use wood mulch to travel, but also to snack on. Wood mulch products use dyed woods, old pallets that have been ground up, and other woods which were used in industrial capacities. Contrary to popular belief, both wood chip mulch and rubber tire mulch can leak toxins into your soil. Copyright© Or, should you perhaps replace mulch with stones? Made from 100% recycled rubber, this eco-friendly option looks identical to wood mulch. Pros and Cons of Organic Mulch Pros. As for cost, wood mulch is certainly cheaper than rubber mulch — at least in the beginning. The groundskeeper is surely going to stay busy raking that mulch back to the areas where it provides protection! You may freely link This realistically-textured groundcover looks identical to wood mulch and is made from 100% recycled rubber. All rights reserved. But most people prefer to use organic material like shredded wood, bark, or wood chips that are affordable, eco-friendly, and visually appealing. And, since the wood used comes from mature forests with little human activity, the chips have little chance of causing an allergic reaction. Option 5: Rubber Mulch Rubber mulch is growing in popularity as playground turf and can seem like an ideal alternative to wood mulch. While the rubber alone can leak zinc into the soil below, the real danger comes from all the other chemicals that come along for the ride. When you consider that this material comes from used tires, it means that any chemicals those tires ever came into contact with could potentially be transferred to your garden. He has worked as a handyman for various individuals since 2013, with a focus on lawn care and home renovation.  However, rubber mulch retains its color and vibrancy far longer than wood mulch, while not staining clothes or skin – even in the rain. Rocks vs. Mulch–Which Is Better in Flower Beds and Around Trees? Rubber mulch does eventually break down over time, much like any other mulch product. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. Natural Mulch: Wood mulch (like BC cedar mulch) is organic and naturally occurring. If you are worried about a mold infestation, rubber mulch comes out on top again. Rubber mulch didn't start out as a gardening product. Rubber mulch comes up on every internet search for permanence…Let me tell you a little about rubber mulches. Unlike rubber mulch, wood chips are free of chemicals and harmful substances. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be Wood is one of several varieties of organic mulch - meaning mulch that breaks down over time, adding nutrients to the soil. Wood mulch fades, requires repurchasing every one to two years, and can cause termite troubles, which can increase labor and out-of-pocket costs. Rubber mulch does not decompose like wood chips. Rubber mulch has superior shock absorption and outperforms wood mulch (and even gravel and sand), and is thus considered the safest playground surfacing material. We welcome your comments and Rubber mulch generally comes from recycled tires which would otherwise end up in landfills, as they decompose at a very slow rate. Rubber mulches are available in many colors and are designed to retain their color without fading longer than artificially colored wood mulch products. suggestions. Organic Mulch Vs. Inorganic Mulch For Ga... Organic Mulch Vs. Inorganic Mulch For Gardening. Its main selling points are its safety and its durability. Rubber mulch does decompose but at a much slower rate than organic mulches; rubber mulch does not encourage the growth of harmful microorganisms in plant beds. You can expect rubber mulch to have a slightly higher up-front cost than wood mulch, because of the better quality of its materials. Mulches can be of significant help in maintaining the soil, as they tend to keep the temperature relatively steady and reduce evaporation, helping protect plants from drought and … 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. These woods may contain arsenic and creosote among other byproducts. It lasts longer, requires … Adding mulch also retains moisture in the soil and prevents evaporation. If you go out to purchase either option, wood mulch is much cheaper on the store shelves when compared with rubber mulches. Pests are attracted to the moist, rotting wood in wood mulch. All Rights reserved. Rubber Mulch and Wood Mulch allows water and fertilizer applications to pass through to the soil. However, given that rubber mulch lasts longer and does not require yearly re-spreading or repurchasing, its relatively high cost per bag is eventually offset by its longevity. home improvement and repair website. Whilst wood mulch decomposes after only a few months, rubber mulch lasts for a minimum of 10-20 years, thus earning it the title of “permanent mulch”. 6. Ever since rubber mulch hit the market several years ago, it has become an increasingly popular choice for loose fill in both playgrounds and landscaping. Wood mulch products use dyed woods, old pallets that have been ground up, and other woods which were used in industrial capacities. {Properly installed} rubber mulch requires less to none maintenance compared to wood mulch and can last for 10 or more years; wood mulch is generally replaced each year. Mulch. However, it lasts longer and does not require yearly re-spreading or repurchasing. Obviously, a mulch made from rocks or rubber will last the longest. Nitrogen is a highly beneficial component. Wood mulch products often use dyed woods, old pallets that have been ground up, and other woods that were used in industrial capacities. combust, and rubber mulch is the most hazardous of all tested landscape mulches. This can encourage the growth and spreading of mold and fungus. Like wood mulch, rubber mulch does an excellent job of reducing weed growth. This Type of Mulch Never Needs Replacing...and introduction to recycled rubber mulch. Rubber does not attract termites, because it is not comprised of the organic materials these pests gravitate to. Bark mulch and other wood-based items are made up of organic materials which break down over time and add nutrients to the soil. Natural mulch is better for soil health Soil health. Both rubber and wood mulch come in many different colors and cater to all aesthetic requirements.®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent Gabriel Connor Salter is a freelance writer and editor who has had over 280 articles published by various organizations.   76.9 cu. submitted to our " Community Forums". He has also worked as a seasonal employee for the landscaping companies Fisk Lawnscapes and Davey Tree Expert Company and as a Remodeling Assistant for the home renovation company Improvement Pros, LLC. Rubber mulch has superior shock absorption and outperforms wood mulch (and even gravel and sand), and is thus considered the safest playground surfacing material. Here are some rubber mulch for playgrounds pros and cons. These wood chips contain arsenic and creosote, among other byproducts such as toxins and acids. Best Rubber Mulch® at Affordable Prices Most sources are free or inexpensive for wood chips made from recycled pallets and other discarded wood products. If you’re looking for an easy, long-term mulch solution for your garden, choose rubber mulch. Craig is a contributing writer for Different mulches benefit your soil in different ways and present unique challenges, including possible toxicity, infestation, and the overall cost in terms of both labor and out-of-pocket expense. natural wood mulch as it breaks down adds nutrients to the solid rubber adds nothing. There has been some controversy over the years concerning the potential dangers of the rubber. Carbon will seek out nitrogen to help it break down into soil. What’s more, the engineered wood fiber packs down into a firm, slip-resistant surface. Rubber mulch does not add a lot of nutrition value to the soil due to its low organic matter. This mulch will not fade, rot, compress or lose its … Other materials can be used as mulch, including: Pine needles increase soil acidity, making them ideal for use around acid-loving plants. Unlike wood mulch, rubber mulch does not retain any liquids such as water or urine making it easy to rinse off, diminishing any odor that may arise. The choice between using rubber mulch or wood mulch in your garden is not a light decision. During inclement weather, traditional wood mulch often gets whipped out of place by strong winds, or floats away due to excessive rain. Rubber mulch does not attract termites because it is not made of the kind of organic material they like to travel through and settle in. Stormy days with heavy wind and rains will not dislodge rubber mulch, while wood chips may float away. The bottom line. This depends on the types of benefits you are looking for. While the wood vs. rubber debate endures because these two mulch varieties are very common, there are other options available such as gravel or rock mulch, grass clippings, straw mulch, and many others. Rubber mulch is made from ground-up tires that have gone out of commission. Recycled Rubber Mulch vs Wood Mulch - Pros and Cons JavaScript is required to view this site. Sometimes wood will soak it up. When it comes to insect infestation, rubber mulch wins the match. With a consistent layer, the only weeds seen over the course of a 32-week season tend to be around the edges of the area that was mulched. Lasting Beauty shredded rubber mulch stands alone as the industry's hallmark recycled rubber mulch. It allows the soil to maintain higher levels of both heat and moisture. Rubber mulch provides excellent drainage for the soil and supplies great insulation against harsh weather. As mentioned, rubber mulch will not decompose, contrary to its wood counterpart. Rubber Mulch vs. Wood Mulch Both wood-based and rubber mulches act as ground cover and offer the benefits of insulating and retaining soil. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Writing from Taylor University, which enabled him to write for several Indiana newspapers, including The Waynesdale News and The News Herald. and these do leach into the soil over time. Advantages and disadvantages of buying in bulk vs buying in bags. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. As for mold prevention, rubber mulch is a better choice since water simply passes through the rubber layer directly into the soil. Unfortunately, because of the reclaimed and used nature of most mulch material, the only way to be sure that your wood mulch is immune to such issues is to use mulch made from tree bark that hasn’t been treated or used for another purpose. Wood chips absorb water and eventually breakdown because of retained moisture.,,,,,, Inexpensive Ways to Enhance Your Curb Appeal. On the other hand, mulch has several benefits to plant growth. Free mulch calculor that supports rubber mulch, wood chips mulch, and returns resutls in volume (cubic feet, cubic yards, cubic meters, cu ya, cu ft, liters) or number of bags. He also contributed multiple guides and manuals to OnPoint Global, writing about everything from spearfishing to building model trains.  Under the right circumstances, wood mulch can actually steal nutritious nitrogen from the plants it’s meant to protect. Mulch your garden frequently to keep it weed free, improve soil health, and give it a well-groomed and professional look. Wood mulch, on the other hand, can allow for the infestation of both termites and fungal growth. Wood chips are far more flammable than rubber mulch. The rubber mulch in Bandon is made of the same recycled tire rubber that is used as infill in crumb rubber artificial turf. It can be broken down over time. Rubber mulch does not rot, even after intense exposure to humidity. Wood fades; requires repurchasing every 1 to 2 years; and can cause termite troubles, which can increase labor and out-of-pocket costs. While wood chip mulch can provide long term benefits to soil as it breaks down over time, it’s also high in carbon. It found its niche as a bouncy, soft surface for children's playgrounds.
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